BIO-MUSIC workshop

Laboratorio di Biomusica

Interdisciplinary laboratory that integrates music, art, theater and biology in order to enhance the variety of expression of nature and the human being, underlining their unique and universal purpose: communication.

The project, through the comparison between music and nature, aims to stimulate a greater environmental and musical awareness in children.

By establishing links and parallels between the animal world and organized sounds (music), we will come to consider diversity not as an obstacle, but as a value, discovering together its many manifestations:

  • Biodiversity              variety of nature
  • Musical cultures     music from the world
  • Multiculturality      variety among peoples
  • Interculturality      encounter and relationship between peoples

Starting from the need to create a climate of putting into value of the various individual and collective expressions in the group, the workshop aims to establish a parallel between these and the diversities present in music and nature, along a path that aims to establish the existence of unitary elements in the sound manifestation between man and nature.

Furthermore, proceeding in parallel with music and nature, the differences present in each of the two areas will be explored and their differences will be compared.

Another objective to be pursued will be to investigate the reason why, in both areas - human and natural -, the sound expression manifests itself with a great variety of forms.

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