Cosmopolitism and the need of (authentic) intercultural education and competences


Cosmopolitism, globalization, global interdependence, neoliberalism and the advent of liquid and more and more multiethnic and multicultural societies influenced life styles, values, culture and behavioural patterns of every human being. Most of all such changes influenced the educational field, in particular the school education. This contribution will focus on the intercultural educational approach, a new Copernican revolution: the most suitable educational answer to the globalization of human beings and their life and to the management of inevitable conflicts. First, in the article it will be analyzed some of the opportunities and risks related with such changes and the implications in the field of the communication. Further, on the basis of researches carried out at the Centre for Intercultural Studies of the University of Verona, the Author will present a own model of Intercultural Competences, related with the educational sector


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