Theater as an expression of the body in the space is a useful tool for the acquisition of personal (self-esteem, self-determination) and interpersonal skills (trust in others, empathy, expression of emotions).

This workshop combines theater and play in an intercultural perspective, therefore aimed at developing dimensions related to building a relationship with the other, bearer of different belonging.

To establish a relationship, reciprocity is required that invests psycho-physical dimensions such as:

  • Openness to others (this is a mental and physical dimension understood as curiosity and willingness to meet and share)
  • Trust in others (this is a dimension linked not only to the individual but above all to a serene and equal relational climate, in which cooperation and solidarity prevail)
  • The ability to expose oneself (this is a dimension linked to the development path of autonomy and self-esteem)

We will use:

  • deconstructive methods (putting oneself in the other person's shoes, getting used to listening and observing, putting oneself from different points of view, etc.)
  • playful-experiential methods (role-playing games, simulation games, etc.)
  • expressive methods (body storytelling, emotional storytelling, mime, etc.)

The theater will be used as a means for the expression of the self in order to accompany children in the process of acquiring their identity by favoring the dimension of the complexity of the self and the multiple belonging of which it is composed.

From this point of view, every child is the bearer of his/her own and unique expressive dimension, but also of an expressive dimension linked to the culture to which he/she belongs.

In addition, playful-theatrical activities will be proposed focused on cooperation and teamwork; setting up a theatrical situation in small groups in fact involves respect for others and recognition of the value of the community.

The main purposes are the promotion of respect and putting into value the diversities, starting from the awareness of the body and identity, and the promotion of interdependence and solidarity intended as engines that guarantee each and everyone the opportunity to express themselves.

In this journey to discover oneself and the other, the collaboration of Italian and foreign families is envisaged as vehicles of knowledge of cultural differences.


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