Playful-educational workshops on topics related to multiculturalism to be realized in the schools of the Municipality of Rome I Centre.

The thematic play-educational workshops, activated by the various Intercultural Centres of the Municipality of Rome I Center, will be characterized by putting in value the cultures of children and adolescents present in the classes and by a methodology that has in mind the needs of linguistic mediation of first reception for children who have recently arrived in Italy.

The workshops proposed in the schools by the Intercultural Centres will be the result of contact and recognition of the needs of the schools themselves. The objectives and themes must in fact closely follow the natural learning context, to allow the full deployment of transformative potential. The contribution of the school management will be decisive in determining, at a strategic level, whether the intervention should mainly address the resolution of potentially conflicting situations or the enhancement of skills and competences, to be used later as resources for genuine prevention. The opinion of the parents' representatives will also play an important role in the selection of the thematic aspects, to identify the areas of greatest interest of the children and to evaluate the possibility of direct participation of families in some workshops. The teachers of the classes selected for the intervention will participate in the definition of specific activities, choosing from the range of workshops provided by the various aggregation centres for the socialization centre. To respect the fundamental dynamics of the workshop didactics, the teachers of the classes involved will participate in a preliminary meeting with the educators, aimed on the one hand at designing the action on the specific group, on the other hand to improve the teachers' mastery with respect to the objectives and methodologies used.