Intercultural centres of Municipality Rome I

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A portal that makes immediately available all the services, workshops, training opportunities and activities carried out and promoted by the 3 Intercultural Poles of the Municipality of Rome I Center, open to all residents and in particular to families who contribute to the Italian and Roman society through the richness and added value of multicultural diversity. A special section is dedicated to news of particular importance for migrant communities in the territory, as well to as articles and posts on the theme of interculturality proposed by our editorial staff.

The project "Support the value of multiculturalism - Interventions for putting in value different cultures and promoting an inclusive community" has the aim to foster positive integration between girls, boys, youngsters and families, coming from different cultural backgrounds. It seeks to promote the development and skills present in the area by involving social workers, schools and citizens.

By putting in value all the cultures present in the area, the project aims to promote the creation of an Educating Community, which could facilitate the improvement of the quality of life of the entire population of the Municipality of Rome I Center.

The project aims to guide girls, boys, and youngsters to experience multiculturalism in an intercultural perspective that safeguards the uniqueness of each person and in an inclusive perspective that can make each one’s experience meaningful, regardless of cultural diversity.

The Intercultural centers want to be a piece of the educating community, enhancing, on the one hand, the singularity of the cultural identity of each and, on the other hand, the belonging of each, to a broad and composite community, with the aim of forming future citizens of the world.

Inclusion and integration are achievable goals if intercultural dynamics are activated, dynamics that pass through knowledge and exchange between different cultures, which the youngest live and tell in their family and social biography. Therefore, dealing with intercultural issues, both on the cognitive level, content, and relational aspects, allows everyone, foreigners and not, to feel more recognized in their uniqueness, to build together, among peers and with adults, teachers and mediators, day after day, a truly and consciously welcoming and intercultural environment.

Areas of action of the 3 Intercultural Centres

The Intercultural Centres carry out a synergistic action on the territory of the Municipality I Center of Rome, but are distributed within it with specific areas of action following the logic of proximity to resident citizens:

CHICCO DI RISO Intercultural Center (with operational headquarters in Prati) covers the territory of the Borgo, Prati, Della Vittoria, Trionfale, S. Angelo districts and is aimed in particular at the Comprehensive Institutes Rizzo, Pistelli, Leopardi-Belli, Umberto I

INTERCULTURA AL CENTRO Intercultural Center (with operational headquarters in Celio) covers the territory of the Ludovisi, Castro Pretorio, Celio, Monti, Sallustiano, Esquilino, S. Saba districts, part of the Ostiense and Ardeatino districts and is particularly aimed at the Comprehensive Institutes Via Apulia, Via delle Carine, Manin, Guicciardini

AMISTAD Intercultural Center (with operational headquarters in Trastevere) covers the territory of the Colonna, Parione, Pigna, Ponte, Regola, Ripa, S. Eustachio, Trevi, Campitelli, Campo Marzio, Testaccio, Trastevere districts and is particularly aimed at first degree secondary schools within the Comprehensive Institutes Regina Margherita, Elsa Morante, Virgilio, Visconti